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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy change the way you think and the way you behave with the objective to manage any psychological problems you may have. CBT helps you identify unhealthy negative thoughts and behaviours and replaces them with positive ones.

CBT is effective in the treatment of a range of mental health issues like, depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, relationship issues, weight issues, food disorders and stress management. Extensive research on CBT suggests that it is as effective as and, in some cases, more effective than other forms of therapy or psychiatric medications. The methods and strategies used in CBT are supported by scientific evidence that indicate that they do produce change in patients.

The core principles of CBT include:

Understanding that Unhelpful ways of thinking are linked to psychological problems

Understanding that learned patterns of unhelpful behaviour are linked to psychological problems

Knowing that an individual can learn better ways of coping with psychological problems that will relieve their symptoms and improve their daily functioning.

CBT involves efforts to change thinking patterns

CBT involves efforts to change behavioural patterns.

CBT is an alliance between patient and therapist that is built on trust and focused on change.

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